Close Your Eyes (Demon Lullaby)

from Celtic Geek by Marc Gunn



Close your eyes and sleep
There are demons in your dreams

Go to sleep my darling
there's a demon underneath your bed

The Demons in your bed
are going to eat you up

Stay in your bed
There are landmines on the floor.
The demons in your bed
are going to eat you up

Sugar and spice and everything nice
Why do you think we say that?
So the demons in your bed
will want to eat you up

You used to have a sister
She wouldn't go to sleep
The demons in her bed
Ate her up

Do not call for your mother;
Who is it you think who let the demons in
to eat you up?

Snakes and Snails and Puppydog tails;
Who can account for the tastes of demons?

Baby don't you cry
or the demons won't wait until you're asleep
before they eat you up

My father sang this song to me
But he slipped and fell on a landmine
And the Demons underneath my bed
Ate him up

That is not a blanket.


from Celtic Geek, released March 29, 2016
Lyrics and music by Daniel Glasser




Marc Gunn Atlanta, Georgia

Marc Gunn is a rhythm and folk musician inspired by Celtic culture, science fiction, fantasy, and cats--Sci F'Irish music.

He breathes new life into the autoharp, which continues to surprise musical veterans and fans alike for its unique sound and spirited energy. It’s like a satirical jam session between The Clancy Brothers and Weird Al Yankovic.
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