We'll Have a Pint of Stout

from by Marc Gunn



This is one of my favorites from Don't Go Drinking With Hobbits. I asked Rie Sheridan Rose to write a good drinking song. She sent me these lyrics. They totally capture the mood of a few hobbits singing songs in a pub, just like in Lord of the Rings. Plus, what makes a good drinking song? Call and response!

At the time of recording, I was still learning how to write good drinking songs. The best drinking songs are ones that you can easily teach to your audience. This one was great, because I just needed to ask people to shout “a pint, a pint” whenever I sang “We'll Have a Pint”. And I could make it extra fun for all by asking them to sing in a high-pitched hobbit voice.

I noticed my error when I started performing the song. I sing “We'll Have a Pint” two times in the chorus, but I only shout “a pint, a pint” once on the recording. My first audiences, who hadn't heard the original recording, were smarter than I. They shouted “a pint, a pint!” both times.

I must say, I prefer hearing the audience shout “a pint, a pint” both times. It just sounds better, and it's something I can't do while performing solo. So it adds another layer to the song IMHO.

The other error I noticed in creating this song was Rie's final call and response lyric at the end of the chorus where they shout “Hurrah!” First, I always forget to teach this to my audiences. It's too much.

Nevertheless, it's a great cheer for hobbits. EXCEPT that I perform for Renaissance festival audiences. In those communities, we shout “Huzzah!” So the original lyrics comes off sounding weird.

Despite a few criticisms, the song is still a blast to sing.


There’s many an inn dotting the Shire
that serves a lovely brew
From Bywater to Bree they say
you’ll want a pint or two
The finest Stout, or nut-brown ale,
the taste comes shining through–
and if you raise a glass to me,
I’ll drink a toast to you!

* We’ll have a pint — a pint — a pint
We’ll have a pint of stout
And when we’ve drunk it bottom up,
we all will give a shout — (all) Hurrah!

The Ivy Bush, the Green Dragon,
the Pony o’er in Bree
Let’s make the rounds of Hobbit towns
and have a pint or three
A half-a-pint is fine for lads
of less than thirty-three
but I will drink a full with you,
if you will drink with me!

A toast, a toast, to friend and host
a toast to bonny brew!
We’ll lift a glass to seasons past
and adventures yet to do
We’ll toast each lass that we have met
and some we wish we knew…
and then at last we’ll stagger home…
and tomorrow start anew!


from Don't Go Drinking With Hobbits, released October 22, 2011
lyrics Rie Sheridan Rose, music Marc Gunn




Marc Gunn Birmingham, Alabama

Marc Gunn is a rhythm and folk musician inspired by Celtic culture, science fiction, fantasy, and cats. He breathes new life into the autoharp, which continues to surprise musical veterans and fans a like for it’s unique sound and spirited energy. It’s like a satirical jam session between The Clancy Brothers and Weird Al Yankovic. It’s Celtic music, the traditional and the twisted. ... more

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